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About MFar Carbon

MFar Carbon is one of the largest manufacturers of coconut-shell-charcoal-based steam-activated carbon in the world. We deliver activated carbon of the highest possible quality and maintain a stringent commitment to delivering products of global standards.

MFar Carbon is part of the diversified, multi-dimensional multinational M Far Group with an annual turnover exceeding US$ 6 billion. With a pan-global vision, the group enjoys a leading position in many prominent Middle East and Asian countries in sectors like construction, hospitality, real-estate and academics, and manufacturing.

We are one of the first dedicated coconut-shell-based activated carbon export-oriented manufacturers in India. With over 25 years of unmatched product expertise and technical acumen, MFar Carbon meets a large segment of India’s requirement for activated carbon.

MFar Carbon, formed by consolidating three manufacturing units, has an installed annual production capacity of 16,000 Metric Ton and growing. We deliver customer-specific high-grade virgin and impregnated activated carbons for various challenging requirements.

  • Units are located in the Southern Indian state – Kerala where coconut grows in abundance. The supply of the raw material - coconut shells - is sustainable and abundant.
  • MFar Carbons follows stringent eco-friendly production standards.
  • We export our products to over 52 countries and cater to a wide spectrum of reputed and world-leading industries.

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MFar Carbon has the scale, expertise, and production facility to deliver to long-term customers. We are a world-class specialty carbon manufacturer with a strong R&D facility that enhances our capability to deliver advanced products, meeting the specifications of valued customers from across the globe. We meet the stringent requirements of our clients in India and across the world by combining deep industry knowledge garnered over long years of expertise and specialization in the field. We are customer-driven and stand by our quality without compromise.

We can meet your needs for customized Activated Carbon for diverse requirements.